Joker Preziosi

Semifinished in gold, silver, brass and bronze

Joker Preziosi is a leader in the production of semifinished goods in gold, silver brass and bronze and silver costume jewellery.

Present on the World Gold Market since 1990 we have gained experience and professionality in the realisation and production of semifinished goods and chains.

Our machinery and the experience of our technical staff permit us to manufacture goods in gold, silver, brass and bronze.

Our in-house laboratory enables us to produce original pieces and also to keep up with the trend.

One of our masterpieces is the “MESH”, the like-textile look, which we produce with our avant guarde machines. These machines allow us the possibility of a fast production thus guaranteeing a good service.

We continuously invest in technology and the versatility of our product to enable us find different personalised solutions for our customers.

For more than 18 years our company has been dealing with the processing of precious metals and above all with the production of semi-finished products in gold, silver, brass and bronze.

We produce fabrics, machine chains, semi-finished products, tubogas, beads, profiled pipes, socks, special chains, wire products, costume jewelery.

We have a very wide range of fabrics (mesh) in gold, silver, steel and brass.

From simple circular section fabrics in their scaling, to “Milanese” type fabrics, to those with designs, diamond or shaped.

To best meet market demands, we have expanded our range by also producing brass fabrics that are very suitable for costume jewelery and fashion accessories.


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